helloooo!!!! welcome to my website!!! it’s sariya puppy writing up some stuff about me/us!!!!

my plans for this so far are

  • write plurality pages for us
    • on each page i want a brief description of the member
    • and maybe
      • some structured info
      • and also (optionally) a list of art of them they wanna showcase
  • have a little page linking to friends sites!
  • make the css a little prettier, find a font we like more
    • maybe make the center box always the same size and have internal scrolling?
    • maybe throw some tasteful drop shadows in
  • maybe link to my lastfm??? i dont wanna be too doxxable but it might be nice
  • maybe write some bloggy posts about self / thoughts / hikes ??????
    • write some custom stuff for the nav setup
  • templatize the nav bar for real instead of duplicating it across default and plurality